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Before becoming an event-based online dance party, Boom! started life as a new dance music project created by songwriter Dominic Roy King. Dom’s cool hit credits include Mystery Girl by The Dukes, My Simple Heart by The Three Degrees, Music Sounds Better With You by Stardust, plus music for producers such as Quincy Jones, Giorgio Moroder, Arif Mardin, and Daft Punk. The Boom! vision from the get-go was to include other guest performers, and the latest release is 'LOCKDOWN’, which features the vocal talents of rising star Rosanna Eastman and South London rapper Trixta. 


There are several ‘LOCKDOWN’ mixes and Dominic describes the sound of the leading Wade Teo mixes, as having a ‘funky Detroit sound’. 'Nothing on the track’, he continues, 'has been processed to the extent of many recent dance releases, and I think people are really responding to the raw earthiness of the groove’.

They certainly are... the track has just spent several weeks in the official Music Week UK dance charts, reaching the top ten. The song was written by Dominic and Kim Appleby (Mel & Kim and solo hits like Don't Worry, G.L.A.D. and Mama). There are five versions of LOCKDOWN, the two disco house mixes by Wade Teo (radio and extended versions), the electronic A C Mix, the funky D K Mix and the darker, more underground Atroxity mix. 


On Spotify, where ‘LOCKDOWN’ has picked up some serious playlists and stats, you will find 'REMEMBER THIS NIGHT’, the first single by Boom! feat. Brad (Australian singer-songwriter Brad Walker). The song is based on an approved Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson sample from their track 'The Man', with Paul McCartney's distinctive guitar riff set to dance beats. Now that the project is becoming more established, Dom thinks a re-release could be on the cards. 

Interesting times ahead for the Boom! sound… shades of Chic, Sister Sledge and Kool & The Gang… with just a touch of Daft Punk in places. Enjoy!




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